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Not Computerized Credit Report Repair!

No two people's credit reports are exactly the same! So, no pre-set computer program is going to be as effective as real, skilled credit report correction counselors. Period! At Fowler and Fowler we offer personal and professional service, we are real people working hard for our clients. Of course we use technology, but we do not rely on it to perform the task of credit report repair !

We do not scan credit reports and have an automated system produce duplicate dispute letters to mail to the credit reporting bureaus. We have skilled counselors that analyze your credit reports, then determine the best possible plan for maximum results. Then we draft unique and individual letters to the credit reporting agencies or to the creditors, collections agencies, or courthouses, depending on your unique and individual needs. NO computer program can do that! When you call our office you will not be patched through to a call center full of unskilled telemarketers that read a pre-written script of answers to the "most commonly asked questions". Instead you will speak to your assigned counselor, and they will answer your questions directly and personally. More

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