Credit repair

There are millions of people in today’s world really struggling with problems of credit. There are so many debts in this world, people become depressed because of ongoing debt problems and spend sleepless nights just wondering how they are going to get up next morning and pay of the debts that are lurking over them like a huge burden.

Who would not want credit repair? I think the majority would want to repair their credit problems and get rid of all their burdens and anxiety.

When we talk about credit repair, one of the companies that deal with the credit repair and comes to mind is Fowler and Fowler. They provide complete service in credit repair. Their main basics is the computer technology and their judgment on using extensive knowledge of the fair and accurate credit transaction act of 2003, fair credit reporting act, the consumer credit reporting reform act, the HIPAA and the fair debt collections practice act. They have experience of years.

They are the best when it comes to credit repair, with the help of their services they are able to remove negative inaccurate, unverifiable and incomplete information of various credit reports as charge offs, bankruptcies, judgments, repo’s, foreclosures, collections, accounts, student loans, tax aliens and slow pays. They communicate with three major credit-reporting agencies as well as Innovis and Chex Systems as requested on the behalf of their clients. They are able to monitor and correct and remove all the negative inaccurate unverifiable and incomplete information for the credit reports for one full year.

They are very good in tackling all the investigative matters and also the dispute process with various bureaus, creditors, collections agencies and also the courthouses. They are able to help their clients anytime when it comes to credit report improvement or any questions related to credit. They are also good in analyzing other credit reports that are responsible in determining other factors that affect the credit of their client.

Credit repair is not a very easy work but the Fowler and Fowler Company have been very successful in handling many cases and they are very effective in offering their services to their clients. Their credit repair fee for the individual ranges from $59 this fee is charged specially for the credit report analysis/ and is the auditing fee. Then easy monthly payments of $59.00 are made for the work done the previous month for as long as you stay in the program.

For the couples a charge of $99 is made for the credit report analysis and auditing fee. Then easy monthly payments of $99.00 are made for the work done the previous month for as long as you stay in the program.

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