How it Works

Complete Credit Repair Service:  Of course we use the latest computer technology, but we rely on our extensive knowledge of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003, Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act, the HIPAA and the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act, along with years of experience and time proven letters, documents and forms.  Our services can remove negative inaccurate, unverifiable and incomplete information from your credit reports, including charge offs, bankruptcies, judgments, repo’s, foreclosures, collections accounts, student loans, tax liens, and slow pays. And you can check the status of your account on-line anytime!

We will communicate with the three major credit reporting agencies, (Innovis  and Check Systems, if necessary) on your behalf, via telephone, fax, internet, e-mail and/or written communications (whichever it the most affective for that particular situation). We will also monitor the correction and deletion of negative inaccurate, unverifiable and incomplete information from your credit reports for as long as you remain enrolled in our program.  We do a FULL investigations and dispute process, with the bureaus, AND the creditors, collections agencies and courthouses.  We also defend your rights to have all of these things done in accordance with the procedures and timeframes laid out in the laws!  We are not just a dispute mill, and we would certainly never ask you to go to our website and create your own disputesand letters like some of the new credit repair mills!  After all, what is the use of hiring a professional company if they are going to make you do all the work yourself…  Our Credit Counselors will be available by telephone or e-mail, Monday thru Friday during normal business hours to answer any of your credit report improvement or credit related questions.   Most of our clients are finished with our program within six to eight months,but you can cancel at any time. Unlike other companies that drag out this process by only disputing some of your negative
information each month we dispute every negative account you direct us to during the first round and we continue to do so  every time we dispute any. (This is how we finish the job quickly instead of taking a year or two!)

On-line Client Status Program

All of our clients have instant 24 hour, seven day a week access to their credit repair program!  Our clients can see exactly what is happening on each credit report, for each credit account.  Once you sign up for our services we will e-mail you your username and password so you can access your account on-line.  Below is a brief overview of how our program works.

The Interviewer™ Once we have copies of your credit reports, we will set up The Interviewer™  and e-mail you asking you to supply some simple information.  When we receive the completed Interviewer form, one of our credit repair counselors will go over it and contact you if any other information is needed. We want to make sure we fully understand your credit history, current situation, long and short term credit goals, and give you time to tell us your specific concerns.  Targeted Response™Next we will begin drafting unique documents, not form letters, to send to the necessary creditors, collections agencies, courthouses or public record providers, and credit reporting agencies, depending on your personal situation.  We also contact the “furnisher of information” directly with a Lawful Notice, Estoppel, POC or Debt Validation letter, demanding a response form them within the 30 days provided in the law.   We will also contact the FTC if your creditors or the credit reporting agencies violate your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Result Tracker™We will also monitor the correction and deletion of negative inaccurate unverifiable and incomplete information from your credit reports.  You will have instant on-line access to your account, so you can see the progress for each credit report, and see exactly what we are working on for each negative account.  Each account will be listed with the details of what is happening and when it is removed or updated.

We offer two types of Free Evaluations, an on-line form or an actual credit report review.  Please click here if you would like us to evaluate your current credit situation free of charge.

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