The Cost

Our fees are as follows:


$59.00 Credit Report Audit/Analysis Fee* Then payments of $59.00 a month beginning one month later for the work done the previous month.


$99.00 Credit Report Audit/Analysis Fee* Then payments of $99.00 a month beginning one month later for the work done the previous month.

*The Audit/ Analysis fee is charged 5-6 days** after enrolling in our program. After we have conducted a detailed analysis of your credit reports, determined the best course of action to achieve the desired results, set up your database access prepared the first round of bureau disputes and answered all your credit related questions.

**We will authorize your account at the time of enrollment to determine the accuracy of the information provided and the availability of Audit / Analysis Fee. We immediately void this authorization so your account should show no activity. Regardless of our void, some banks will temporarily hold back funds, so please budget accordingly.

Premium Mail! You can upgrade to Certified, Certified Return Receipt Requested and/or Priority Delivery Confirmation Mail! Mailing your documents this way is the best way to assure that the reporting agencies will respond and the only way to enforce the 30 day law.

Just think of how quickly we can help
if you only have one or two negative accounts.
Call Toll Free: 1-866-524-2328

If you have copies of all three of your credit reports, you can e-mail, fax or mail them to our office for a free credit report evaluation. If not, here is a link so you can order them. After enrolling in our program you should see positive changes in your credit reports within 45 days!.


Stay away from extremely low cost fee credit repair companies! The only reason they can offer their services at such low prices is because they only dispute a limited amount of accounts (usually 5) on one credit report at a time. We on the other hand dispute all negative accounts on all three bureaus on the very first step. It takes other on-line companies (even the “law firms”), six months to complete what we do in 60 days! We do not charge for telephone calls, extra letters, or have any other hidden fees. The main problem we see with companies that charge a minimal monthly fee is: the longer it takes them to repair your credit the more money they make, so they drag it out as long as possible.
Our experience shows us that most people never planned to stop paying their bills. Instead “real” life happened to them, they got a divorce, had a baby, lost a job or were injured in an accident. And for about the next six months their credit fell apart. Now, that same person is back on their feet and in need of credit. But like a closet full of bones, their old bad credit is haunting them. That’s where we come in, our proven programs can help get your closet cleaned out! We have worked nationally with such clients as, Fidelity Federal, GA, Trans Land Financial, FL, Davidson Financial Services, IN, SGP, TX (just to name a few), to restore their client’s credit. For a Free Evaluation, call us today or click here for a Free On-line Evaluation!

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