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Fowler and Fowler has been a leader in the credit repair industry for over a decade.  We have perfected our technique with years of consistent results.  Some companies boast of big numbers of removed items, but what they failed to tell us is how many they did not remove… if a company removes 50,000 bankruptcies that sounds pretty impressive, but not if they failed to remove another 50,000, that is only 50% removal. At Fowler and Fowler we are proud of our 90% rate of complete removal or correction of information reported on your credit files!


We have been in business since 1992, and doing credit repair exclusively since 1998.  We are listed with Dunn and Bradstreet, are members of the Sebring Chamber of Commerce and have an A+ rating from the BBB, click here to check us out. We have removed hundreds of thousands of negative accounts from our client’s credit reports and have included a sampling of their testimonies on every page of our site.

We are very different from most Credit Repair Companies you see advertising on-line.  Most of them are nothing more than “credit repair mills”.  They work on credit reports, (and consumers), like they are herding cattle.  They have simple computer programs that do “the work” for them, and a staff of sales people. (Not lawyers, paralegals, or certified credit counselors.)  Most of these companies are owned by entrepreneurs that saw the credit repair industry growing at a very rapid rate and decided to get a share of the market!  Even though they boast of “years in business”, most of these on-line companies did not start doing credit repair until very recently.  These “mills” simply draft one standard dispute letter and send it to the credit reporting agencies every 30 to 60 days.  Something you could easily do for yourself!  They charge a minimal monthly fee, some less than the cost of cable television.  Do you really believe their “team of lawyers” or “specialists” is going to draft original documents to the credit reporting agencies, FTC, creditors, collections agencies and courthouses, on your behalf, for around $1.00 a day?  I don’t think so!  It sounds much more realistic that a computer program is going to spit out a form letter disputing the negative accounts on your credit reports, then about 60 days later do it again and again and again, for as long as you are willing to keep paying the monthly fees; or for twelve months if you signed a one years contract.  What all this means to you, the consumer, is: if you want to pay low fees, expect minimal results. (You get what you pay for!) 

We offer two types of Free Evaluations, an on-line form or an actual credit report review.  Please click here if you would like us to evaluate your current credit situation free of charge.

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